September 2017

Part 4

“Part 4” from Become Something New by Nehru Grant.

August 2017

Become Something New – Pt. 3

“Become Something New” by Pastor Nehru Grant.

Become Something New – Pt. 2

“Become Something New – Pt. 2” by Nehru Grant. Released: 2017.

Become Something New

“Become Something New” by Nehru Grant.

July 2017

Full of It

“Full of It” by Pastor Michael Herbert.

Finding Joy in Serving Others

“Finding Joy in Serving Others” by Edens Kebreau.

Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love

“Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love” by Nehru Grant.

Follow Me

“Follow Me” by Nehru Grant.

In Dependence Day

“In Dependence Day” by George Bundt.

Part 9

“Part 9” from Paradigm Shift: The Impact of Jesus on the World and You by Nehru Grant.