September 2015

Walk with God

“Walk with God” by Nehru Grant.

August 2015

Marriage God Way

“Marriage God Way”.

Why Marriage?

“Why Marriage?” by Carlos Santiago.

But God

“But God” by Campus Pastor Greg Farah of Shelter  Rock Church

Me + God = Victory

“Part 4” from Me + God = Victory by Nehru Grant.

Me+God=Victory-Part 3

“Me+God=Victory-Part 3”.

July 2015

Expect God to Move: Prayer Walk Sunday

“Expect God to Move: Prayer Walk Sunday” by Pastor Mark Lydecker           Living Faith Christian Church

Me+God=Victory – Pt2

“Me+God=Victory – Pt2”.

MeGodVictory-Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

“MeGodVictory-Overcoming Life’s Obstacles”.

In Dependence – Psalm 33

“In Dependence – Psalm 33”.