October 2016

Oh Lord, I Praise You

“Oh Lord, I Praise You” by Nehru Grant.



September 2016

Lord, I am Thirsty for You

“Lord, I am Thirsty for You” by Nehru Grant.



August 2016

Power of the Gospel

“Power of the Gospel” by Pastor Mark Lydecker.

July 2016

Be Still Exodus 14:13-14

“Be Still Exodus 14:13-14” by Craig Muller. Released: 2016.

Light of the world

“Light of the world” by Nehru Grant.

March 2016

Risen – Easter Sunday

“Easter Sunday – Risen” by Nehru Grant.

There is No One Like Jesus-Good Friday 2016

“There is No One Like Jesus-Good Friday 2016”.

Does God Still Weep

“Does God Still Weep”.